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why PGF

Key Attributes

The Fund’s assets are isolated from systemic risk and vaulted with private (non-bank) institutional “Good Delivery” private vaulting providers. This assures the Fund retains the highest options for liquidity, yet protects the funds assets from loss in the event of bank failures.

The Fund leverages its direct relationships with the largest Swiss “Good Delivery” refineries in the world to ensure supply of gold as well as providing access to a global pool of liquidity.

Shares of the Fund are redeemable not only for cash, but may be redeemed for physical gold as well.

All of the Fund’s Physical Gold Assets are insured to its full market value at all points of acquisition, transport, vaulting and sale, and at all times are held within the Good Delivery Chain of Integrity.

Strategic Advantages of Physical Gold Fund over other Gold ETFs and Funds

Some of the largest Gold ETF’s and fund products today lack the stringent controls and advantages Physical Gold Fund has put in place to safeguard the investors and the Funds physical assets versus various risks:

Redemption in Kind: Shares of the Fund may be converted into the underlying asset through the Precious Metals Agent¹.
Physical Gold Fund by-passes the commodity paper markets as well as the bullion banks and buys and sells precious metals at the core of the industry directly with Swiss LBMA² Certified Refineries, providing excellent liquidity.
Physical gold bars held by Physical Gold Fund are stored in vaults that are constructed, owned, and managed by a globally recognized top tier security transport and vaulting company. By vaulting the assets outside of bank vaults, Physical Gold Fund reduces exposure to any risk that might be experienced by investors holding metal in a bank that fails.
All vaulted physical gold is insured  to its full market value by a Lloyds of London underwriter.
Physical Gold Fund will not accept a promise of precious metals in the form of encumbered metal, unallocated bars, leases, swaps, or futures contracts in lieu of actual physical metal bars.
Physical Gold Fund is the only fund in the industry to have taken pro-active measures versus confiscation of metals by a government entity. Please contact us for more details.

¹Redemption in Kind is subject to the Physical Redemption Policy

²LBMA stands for London Bullion Market Association, which  has members consisting of dealers, refineries, and security transport and vaulting providers globally.



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